It's Time to Take it to the Next Level

Extreme Mentoring Application

     From time to time I open my calendar for what I call my “AI - Extreme 1:1 Mentoring” Programme

Here's what you get

     We speak in depth several times a week. I take you through a process, a little like renovating a house, where we strip back what everyone can see to reveal what’s really going on in your practice and sometimes what we reveal is nasty!

     And I know this for two reasons:

  • Firstly it’s what I did to my own practice many years ago, I’d spent years building my accounting practice just like you, I spent years finding new clients, I took on staff, opened multiple offices and I’ve driven the miles to make it happen, all of which led to me to being very unhappy because, quite simply, I was working harder and harder, faster and faster out of control and overwhelmed and heading to an early grave buildings a practice just like everyone else.
  • And, secondly over the past few years I’ve seen it in others just like you as I’ve been deliberately seeking out to help other sole practitioners, people like you running a busy practice, working hard, stressed, overwhelmed and struggling to increase profits, dealing with a bunch of clients that zap the joy out of your life and leave you feeling very under appreciated. For sure you have some good clients but even if you find time to stop and appreciate that fact, it barely makes up for the late nights, the constant demands and endless emails, calls and deadlines.

     When we’ve pulled back the layers, I help you put it all back together, but this time a whole lot better...

     I know how to do this, because just like you I based my original practice model on what others were doing around me, sure I told myself “I was different, my way is better”, but the cold hard truth - I wasn’t different, I was kidding myself and for many of you reading this you are doing the same…

     You see it’s not your fault, you are following others who did the same and followed those before them, following those before them, you get the idea! - It’s like marketing incest, and everyone is getting uglier and uglier!! right?

So what is a “different” accounting practice?

     I can show you, cuz it’s what I still do today, I can take you step by step through a process that took me around 6 years to figure out and implement and since then I’ve been fine tuning it, constantly increasing fees and decreasing my own time input, which gives me the freedom to do what I want, when I want and that includes choosing who I mentor...

     Industry chit chat says you must be more “advisory”, or have an “App stack”, be in the “cloud” and be better at “forecasting”, all of which can, and do help, but, there is so much more to it than that.

     Often what I help accountants and bookkeepers just like you do is simple…

     ... simple, but not easy.

     If you want my help to build a business, a practice you deserve... that only has dream clients who do everything you ask, love what you do and are very happy to pay you more than the average, often 10X the going rate, then we gotta fix the biggest barrier…


     which might sound harsh...

    … but, here’s the good news, you can change your thoughts, you can change your beliefs instantly and whilst you might not be able to change your business as quickly, with the right help and support I know you can create a practice that far exceeds even what you might think you can do, when I show you how.

     More money, less stress, greater opportunities to sell, or just enjoy the freedom of choice you will have and enjoy helping good quality clients.

So who can apply?

     Sole Practitioners accountants and/or bookkeepers, you must be up and running and turning over at least £100k a year. (If this is not you, I can still help - click here)

     You must also know and understand that what you have built as a practice to get you to where you are now, although has been good for a while, must change if you are to break through your glass ceiling and free yourself from the shackles that are holding you back.

     The struggle, the stress, the overwhelm and on top of that low fees and shitty attitude from clients and staff alike, who don’t care about you or how they treat you

     So many in the profession are experiencing this and bit by bit the profession is slowly destroying itself from within.

     If you have stopped to think about this for long enough, you will start to understand what the real problem is...

     The real problem is not automation and technology, it’s not better software and this is certainly not a marketing problem as many marketers would have you believe. If you want to grow your accountancy practice, the real problem sits in the 6 inches between your ears.


     And unless and until we fix your thinking, any strategies or tactics you implement will simply fall by the wayside and you will regress to the mean. 

Why you probably won't qualify

     My Goal for you is to get you relentlessly implementing your plans and creating their system for measuring each month, checking in regularly, and being held accountable for your actions.

     Most people when faced with the task in hand won’t go at the pace I take them and as a result don’t get the ”Extreme” results I know you can achieve, thus if you don’t do your bit, you end up quitting and going back to what you‘ve always done and I don’t get to see you succeed.

     Hence, most won’t even apply, and many who do won’t qualify, not because they are bad people mainly because they are just not ready yet, (I have a solution for that and it’s all included in our online private members area, which you are welcome to apply for here)

   But, if you think you are ready for “Extreme 1:1 mentoring”, that’s you and me multiple weekly calls, 1:1 me giving you and showing you everything I’ve ever done to win and keep clients that pay me £2,500 a month, when they complain their previous accountant is too expensive at £1,800 a year, giving me the choice to work when I want and run a practice in a fraction of the time I used to, then all you gotta do is book a call below:

YES! KW, I'm in!

About Kevin

   I set up my accounting practice in 1991 and basically copied what everyone else does.

   I took on more and more clients, an office and staff.

   After 20 years, we had 450 clients, 9 staff members and I was about to open a second office and take on someone else.

By copying everyone else, I got what everyone else got:

  • a stressful business
  • a bunch of ungrateful clients
  • a room full of terrorist staff
  • long hours
  • stress and overwhelm

   ... basically I was  I was unhappy.

   It took some time, effort and hard work, but today it's all different, I still run the practice, but on my terms, my business, my rules.  I work part-time with really awesome clients who don't question my fees, never hassle me and although technology is vital, there is so much more to the solution.