It's Time to Take it to the Next Level

Extreme Mentoring Application

     From time to time I open my calendar for what I call my “AI - Extreme 1:1 Mentoring” Programme, where you get access to me personally, I show you stuff and you get to ask any questions until you have the solutions to help you make more money and have an easier life…

        ...but that offer is closed at the moment and won’t be open for a while!

But wait, there's more

      I know that if you are running your own accounting practice, no matter if you just started out or you have been growing for a few years, at some point you will be looking for a better way.

       I know this because that was me.

     I spent years taking on more and more clients, I lost some and I gained some and went from zero to 450 clients, steadily growing and adding staff and bigger premises and I did more and more in the belief I’d become rich and famous, well at least I thought I’d be making some good money and actually it would’ve been good if I was happy too…

      But just like you, I realised something isn’t right.

   The stress was too much, the late nights, the constant client demands, the deadlines, the never-ending legislation updates and don’t get me started on the relentless emails and staff issues...

     You see, technology is having a massive impact, not just on the profession but it is also driving a different client behaviour, many clients want something else!

     Your clients don’t want a tax return, they don’t want a set of accounts, they don’t even want payroll or bookkeeping…

      ... but isn’t that what you do?

      Yes, but it’s not what they want...

      So, what is the solution, Kev?

     I can tell you what it is, but it’s far better if I show you…

   So, I recorded a video, its a comprehensive proper training and it’s FREE and available right now.

         But Kev…

        You’re only going to sell me something and I’m going to listen to the sales pitch and not learn anything of value?


       Ok, let’s get that one thing out of the way… under the video, I’m going to give you a chance to access a great deal more to help you, and yes that bit requires a small investment, you can if you want, ignore that - my training is XXX minutes long and 100% real and free, no catches...

        You have nothing to lose:

About Kevin

   I set up my accounting practice in 1991 and basically copied what everyone else does.

   I took on more and more clients, an office and staff.

   After 20 years, we had 450 clients, 9 staff members and I was about to open a second office and take on someone else.

By copying everyone else, I got what everyone else got:

  • a stressful business
  • a bunch of ungrateful clients
  • a room full of terrorist staff
  • long hours
  • stress and overwhelm

   ... basically I was unhappy.

   It took some time, effort and hard work, but today it's all different, I still run the practice, but on my terms, my business, my rules.  I work part-time with really awesome clients who don't question my fees, never hassle me and although technology is vital, there is so much more to the solution.