How to take back control and prevent the deadly decay that is sweeping through 

the Accounting Industry and

destroying your hopes and


Here is what I have for you

If you have cracked the code on running a successful practice, you’re making enough money, working when you want, you have perfect clients with a dependable and repeatable method to attract new ones and life is amazing every day, then read no further…

...for everyone else in the accounting industry, your day is about to get a whole lot better.

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You see, I’ve been coaching and mentoring my clients and also accountants in practice for many years, helping them first hand, often full-on sleeves-rolled-up working days where we dig into the underbelly of their current real problems and hold them accountable to what they say they are going to do.

It’s very rewarding for them, and also really enjoyable for me.  For my clients' their investment for this service is typically a minimum of 10X or more what they paid their previous accountant, but of course, that’s irrelevant because their results are 10X better, right?

When mentoring other accountants I literally share everything I do in my practice, I show you how to work less hours if you choose, how to completely get rid of the stress and overwhelm, and of course I show you exactly step by step how I onboard new clients, those who complain their current accountants are too expensive, but yet are happy to pay me monthly often what they paid the previous accountant annually!

But it presents two problems:

  • I only have so many hours in the day we can serve one on one and can only invite a very select few to join me, which adds a huge restriction on being able to deliver the awesome stuff that works
  • For some, their business just isn't at the economic stage where they can afford to join me for intense mentoring and coaching and I won’t allow people to get into debt to pay my fees

In essence I’ve been helping accountants just like you for a long time and have a proven method to help you, especially if you are finding yourself being run ragged and at times stressed and overwhelmed, chasing your tail and struggling to find methods to find a steady stream of decent clients to work with.  

The solution starts with regular help and how regular is up to you, as is how fast you want to grow your practice, but whatever speed you want to take this, we have waiting for you a complete paint by numbers, step by step program and support all based around solving each and every problem in your practice and you can copy everything and anything I do from the comfort of your own desk.

I’ll show you how and you'll discover better ways to attract the right clients that you love working with. I’ll even unearth the mysteries of the glue that holds your business together and show you what we do to help others build predictable and reliable systems and processes to run a practice allowing you to take more time off with your family and get back to living your life.

It shouldn’t be a mystery that sales less costs = profit and the level of your profit starts with pricing, and we'll show you how you can attract a constant stream of clients who do not resist price and respect and appreciate the value and outcome you deliver for them.

Much of this requires work on your inner game, the outward message and rules you set and over time we’ll help you with all of that.

But wait, there's more ...

Imagine being able to talk to other like minded business owners including my actual clients... can't help but learn and share and see what they are also facing, many the same challenges you have and see many who have solved similar issues already, I’ll guarantee you will learn fast..

All of this is what we do inside The Business Mashup Private Members Area and our coaching and mentoring and the results we get for our clients are pretty spectacular.

Here’s what a recent accountant we are helping has to say:


Since working with Kevin I have really gained clarity and direction in what we need to do to change our business and get out of it what we want from it rather than being a servant to it. He has really helped me realise that I do have a lot more to offer my clients than I realised and that we definitely do not charge enough for what we do!

       So far I would say my biggest victory has been getting an existing client to take on an advisory project with me to help him set up his new company and make his dream become a reality

Katrina Turton

Director - RDG Accounting

This is what we will do for you

Critical to my clients success is regular communication, training and support.

Everyday you will be faced with all sorts of challenges and problems, some you won’t have even thought about and many you will keep repeating over and over again thinking and feeling somehow this is the price we must pay to succeed, it doesn't have to be like this, it really doesn’t.

Mentoring and coaching is such an important integral part of life, not just business but for your personal growth.

How can you start to earn more if you don’t have the right mindset, how can you grow your business without the right tools and knowledge?

Often what we share with clients is simple, not always easy, and if you can grasp just the 3 main areas:

  • better pricing,
  • better systems and
  • premier positioning

You will, for sure, reduce massively the stress and overwhelm... will stop chasing the money and be far more confident and have authority in your chosen market all of which leads to a happier healthy life.

You have two choices:

  1. 1
    Do nothing and your life stays the same, nothing ventured, nothing gained, I simply wish you all the best for your future and maybe one day you might return.
  2. 2
    Take a FREE test drive of The Business Mashup Private Members Area with absolutely no obligation on your part. See for yourself and experience the sort of help and support we’ve been offering our clients for many years and if you like it, stay and we’ll continue to help you.  There is no contract, no commitment and you can cancel anytime.

Join us in a closed, private and safe  environment, be amongst like minded people and get help and support into every corner of your practice.

And because it’s all online we can leverage what we do and offer this to you initially for FREE followed by a very simple minimal pay-as-you-go investment representing a fraction of our normal fees.

Let’s explain how that bit works:

Here's what I want you to do next:

Before I give you a 30 day FREE trial of our Private Members area I’m giving you some FREE training first (it’s 26 minutes long and packed with something you can take away and implement straight away into your practice right now.

When you have watched the training, I’ll explain how you can apply for your 30 day FREE trial, nothing too serious, but it’s important for existing quality members to not have anyone join this very special private place who doesn’t qualify, you know the phrase “one bad apple” and all that...

You have to be a sole practitioner accountant or bookkeeper and you can be just starting out or established, but you must be keen to grow and determined and above all have an open mind to learning new and different methods and strategies.

You’ll soon find that the way we get extraordinary success for our clients comes from doing things in an extraordinary way, in others words to get a different result you gotta do things different and if you are not open to change, you won’t qualify and we won’t let you join. 

After you have clicked through below, we will send you some simple instructions, how you follow those instructions will be part of your application and failure to complete the initial steps will speak volumes and trigger your access to be declined even before the 30 days free trial has ended.

As I say, we don’t want whingers, whiners or dirt bags joining us, we are here to help you grow your practice so you make more money and have an easier life and if you really think about it, we are doing all this for FREE…

Why everything we do for you is FREE!

It’s simple, if you join our private members group, and implement just some of what I will share with you, I expect a minimum of 100X what you’ll ever spend with me should you become a full time member.  It’s why I call it an investment, you will get a return on your investment with me and that I guarantee, but only if you do your bit and commit to the implementation.

Grab your FREE training and help here:

Remember, there is no risk to you, I’m simply demonstrating who I am and how I can help by actually helping you first…

... and if you qualify, you then get to decide if you want to test drive what we have further with our 30 day FREE trial and if you complete the whole application process and we let you join, you will be allowed to stay and you can cancel and end the relationship any time you want, I’m simply taking away any risk for you and leaving you in full control.