Why I started mentoring other accountants?

Who says you gotta work 5 days a week 9-5?   Heck, some of you work longer hours and even

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Is the “grim reaper” coming to get you…?

A great friend of mine ran a business for c. 40 years that actually relied on business failure, he was

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A choice between an accounting system and colonic irrigation…!!

People sometimes challenge my advice and recommendation to use a proper accounting system within their business for keeping books and

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I Don’t Want Your Brain Farts

You farted... No, You farted... For all of us, time is one of our most precious commodities and I have

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Work-Life Balance

It was an honour to be asked to speak at #Irisworld 2020.I was interviewed by Gareth Charles and prior to

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What’s the question you dread being asked?

So... You decided to go and do some networking or attend a business event, heck this can even happen at

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Who the hell are we?

You maybe sitting watching this video and you're thinking about going it alone and setting up your own accounting business. Or

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We don’t want to work with assholes…

You're thinking affects everything…...from who you're married to or who you are in a relationship with, to who you employ,

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We need to talk about Kevin

Just at home reflecting…...when the sky is blue the sun is shining and just thinking I could be stuck in

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