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This FREE course, if applied, can help you turn your next prospective client into a significantly higher value fee and better service for them, by applying a very simple (not always easy) technique, it works, I use it, and it is one of the significant keys to building a very successful practice.

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This is step 1 of a very simple 6 step process to helping you turn your really good prospective clients into amazing clients who love what you do and are more than happy to pay you many times more than what other accountants would only dare to charge. This whole topic shows you how...

Setting Expectations

The first few sentences of your initial conversation are critical - no, let me take that one step further - VITAL, otherwise it's game over!

Become a Detective

Two ears one mouth! That's what someone once told me, meaning listen twice as much as you talk...become a detective.

Let’s Get Digging

Once you start asking the right questions, you can listen and ask further questions. Eventually, you will get to the real reason and when you do, the next bit should be easy.

Time to Swipe

If you have crappy clients, I'm afraid it's your fault, you invited them in!

You don't have to take on everyone; pick and choose based on what they just told you and use this method to help you decide.

Time For Action

We don't send quotes, we send Action Plans! Let me explain why...


What if your ideal prospective client really can't afford your services?  Here is a really intelligent idea for you to copy and use yourself.