Sole Practitioners  or you're thinking you could start your own practice... are doomed to a life of misery, stress, heartache

and a shit load of work

for which most of it

you won't even

get paid for...

If you are frustrated with the onslaught of client demands, late nights, stress and overwhelm from hearing sob story after sob story or just the never ending dribble of moaning and whining because "the Government isn't really helping us...." 

If you've reached that point where you're bashing your head, frustrated at spinning your wheels just to stand still...

... then your day is about to get a lot better.

Most accountants — suffer from one or more of the following three problems:

You're running around chasing your tail too busy "on client work" to stop, draw breath, and work ON building your own business - 

You're working hard, you're delivering great quality and service... but you're run ragged by the demands of your clients, and employees alike. It seems like everyone wants a piece of you... and they want it Right NOW.

You struggle to attract enough of the right kind of clients -

Instead, you find yourself dealing with price-resistant, awkward, and impossible-to-please dimwits who are slow to pay, pay only grudgingly, and only if you can get them to pay at all (don't do this... you don't have to and shouldn't work with anyone you don't want to).

And when you do sign up a client... you find it hard to look after them properly at a fee where you make a decent profit -

Even when you've on-boarded a great potential client you find yourself working extra to sort out the past and they resist the changes you are proposing which chews up most of your profits and slowly they fall into yet another client who never gets their information to you on time and another one to add to your deadline pressures  (you don't have to do this, either).

Does this all sound familiar?

I bet it does.

But that's OK...

...and they're exactly the challenges the simple step-by-step process I share with you in the "How to Survive The Apocalypse" will help you, so you can grab the opportunity to start making more money with less work, less hassle, and fewer headaches.

Sounds good?

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