Who Am I, and Why Do I Think I'm Even Remotely Qualified to Help You Run a Better Sole Accountancy Practice?

I've been running my practice (and still do) since 1991, and I've got the scars to prove it!

For years, I did what everyone else did: took on clients, took on staff, took on office space, took on more and more staff and believed I was on the right track...

 Then I got sick and tired of being sick and tired!

Kevin Whitehouse - Sole Practitioner

You see, I thought if I copied how other firms ran, and copied others I knew in the profession, I'd be able to make it work, and I did for a while, but the truth is...

... we're all in the same boat.

If you are running your own accounting practice, particular if you've started recently, say in the last five years or so, or if you are thinking about setting up on your own, I'm here to to tell you I know the journey you are on.

Right now, I hope you are excited about your future...

...but if so, why are you here?

Are you beginning to see the cracks, is the stress becoming too much, or are you simply sick and tired of not getting the real break you know you deserve?

Are you working harder and harder and beginning to see the quality of what you deliver suffer under the immense pressure this profession seems to bring upon itself?

If any of this describes you, then you're in the right place.

Mental health issues are of great concern in this industry, the bigger firms drive productivity enforcing time commitments that are simply not achievable or certainly not sustainable. I pity those who work in a firm that insists on driving production through pressure and who allow client demands to dictate the pace of production.

I've been serving clients since 1991 and I've spent a lot of time with them at their place of work, sleeves rolled up, watching, learning and helping them achieve their goals and dreams. Many clients stay with me for a very long time and not just because of my good looks!

Harsh reality

The way we run an accounting practice today is not the same as it was 30, 20 or even 10 years ago.

For sure, technology has a huge part to play, but client behaviour, the economy and the competition from around the world is presenting relentless pressure on anyone out there running their own practice.

With every adversity comes a seed of equal or greater benefit, but sadly most accountants will carry on regardless and not change how they do things.

Here's something you might not realise:

In the same way a fish is probably unaware it lives in water and we, ourselves, become inured to bad smells, irritating sounds, and even pain over time — you are almost certainly running your practice the way you run it simply because at some point you looked around you, saw how other, more established businesses ran their businesses and decided That’s How It’s Done.

The problem is…

… the other accountants you copied?

They did the same as you...

... and simply copied the ones who came before them .

It’s a kind of marketing incest, and just like with real incest, over time everyone gets uglier and stupider.

And this is why so many accounting sole practitioners I know struggle to charge the prices their expertise and results justly deserve, and instead whore themselves out at insanely low prices to ungrateful, non-compliant, and utterly unsuitable clients.

It doesn't have to be like this, but it will...

… unless you do something to change it.

When I have been out in the accounting world, places like Iris world, trade events and award ceremonies I've been asked if I can share what it is I do different.

I've therefore decided this is how I will do that for you.

If you are relevantly new to setting up your own sole accountancy practice or if you are thinking about packing in the job and going it alone in your own practice...

...if you want to grow your practice without the stress, and pressure the industry seems to be so keen in demanding from you, then simply start by watching my FREE training videos.