About the Accounting Intelligence Programme

If you're an accountant running your own sole practice, maybe you have some staff, or even a partner, maybe you are just starting out or thinking about starting out...

...then you are in the right place.

As an accountant, you don't need me to tell you how important making a profit is, but having said that, it so easy to get caught up in the "thing you do". You know - the accounts and tax and record keeping and payroll. And then, of course, there is the networking and marketing online with social media. And then you have all those emails and Whatsapp messages to deal with, and just as you think you are catching up, the mobile rings and suddenly your client needs your help, urgently...

Get's busy right?

But, you love the adrenaline buzz, the excitement of feeling like you are making a difference to other people's lives, and the wins you get when you really help a client. I know there are some clients that, if I had to work for FREE (and of course I wouldn't), I'd be happy to, because they really appreciate what I do and are good, decent folk.


... we're all in the same boat

Every accounting practice, big or small has a bunch of clients to look after; a whole load of complex work with deadlines to meet, or the client gets a fine.

The pressure is on. Logically, you've got all year, you have plenty of time, the ability and technology in place, all that needs to happen is for you to do the work, but then suddenly you are a bit behind. No worries, a couple of late evenings you'll catch up...

... except then you are a month behind, then six weeks and then OMG! Here comes Christmas! (No worries - deep breath, dig deep, we can do it, we can get through this and get all the returns done by 31 January..."

"...can't we?"

Well yes, of course you can. Accountants have been doing this for years. It's normal!

So, why do we question it?

Working under the sort of stress nearly all accountants in the industry do, is simply dumb. It's a direct path to mental health problems, and it runs through the industry like a cancer.

Stop and think, really think for a moment...

...if you leave any type of crucial work like accounts, tax, VAT or PAYE to the last minute, it adds an element of pressure.

That pressure leads to little short cuts, like not completing your working papers properly, guessing rather than correctly working things through, hammering away on auto-pilot and not allowing time for proper review.  

In the end, you will make a mistake, and if you are really unlucky, it will cost your client more tax, but they won't know... or will they?

They might not see you have made a mistake, but you can be sure they can see you're stressed. They can see you are rushing, and some of them will feel something just isn't right.

They won't tell you. They will simply leave and go elsewhere, and now you have more pressure: you need to replace that income and possibly even deal with some negative feedback. Ouch! Nobody likes that...

Fast forward 10 years and you will just think this is normal.


Because this is how the industry works, but I think, no, I know there is a better way...

The harsh reality

Believe me, I have lived through the pain of running my practice the wrong way. I started out with one client, and grew it to around 450 clients, and I've been through the madness of running everything to last minute deadlines.

And the real cost?

I don't even want to think about.

Relationships suffered, children suffered, health suffered, and all because I thought I was doing it the right way because that's what everyone else was doing.

But, what I figured out, with the help of some very smart mentors, is that the reason I had crappy clients was down to me. And what about the frantic deadlines and clients bringing in their stuff late? Guess what? That was all my fault too.

The pitiful fees I was charging? Also my fault.

The sheer exasperation of some clients not paying at all? Yes, my fault.

The demanding, unpleasant, rude clients that upset me and my staff? It was all my fault because I'd allowed them in, and there was no one else to blame.

But, there was good news

I could do something about it! I just needed to take time out and understand the end-to-end process - the client behaviours, their real wants and needs, and then put in place systems, rules and procedures to protect my time and my profits.

What was exciting is that it was so simple. Having said that, it wasn't easy and my only wish is that I had learnt this stuff in the beginning, because looking back, changing what I had created was much harder than doing it right in the first place.

Getting to 450 clients took 15 to 20 years, but making it all really profitable took another 5 years, and that 5 year period was hard work. 80% of it was undoing the previous 20 years!

The good news for you is that we are here now, and I'm ready to share with you what I've learnt, so you can pick out all the good stuff and save yourself 20 years or more.

Sound good?

Maybe not, maybe you are sceptical. Maybe you have seen to many dubious looking gurus out there, and that's OK.  As part of my journey learning all this, I started exploring online and soon realised there is a lot of bullshit out there.  There are a lot of shiny objects and magic bullets that if you only sign up will solve all your problems...

...and I get it, I really do.

When you want something so bad, you don't mind spending a bit of hard earned cash to gain an advantage.

But, here is my promise to you,  and I have three options for you now.

Firstly, I speak from experience. I have been running a sole practice since 1991 and still run my practice, Prime Entry. I have a bunch of clients, people on my team and technology, systems and tools I use daily, just like you.

But, I've not yet met anyone who runs a practice the way I do: almost all year-end accounts are completed within 30 - 90 days of year-end. I never getting caught out on January deadlines and working I'm 20% of the hours I used to.

I'm making healthy profits, but more than that I'm getting close to experiencing the total freedom I set out to achieve - the things money simply cannot buy, like working when I want to, spending as much time as I want with my loved ones, and not being stressed and ill from the work I do.

If you want to find out more then you have three choices:

Do Nothing

You could simply do nothing and keep going, close this page and go back to what you were doing

One day, you might crack the code yourself and have the perfect business and life to go with it, but here is a serious question for you:  With all the massive changes in technology, client behaviour and competition from software companies, banks and worldwide organisations all looking to undercut the industry fees, what leads you to believe it's suddenly all goon to get better?

Blind luck?



Good luck with all that.

So, perhaps doing nothing isn't the best choice.

However, you could buy books, attend the seminars and...

...try to work it all out for yourself

I don't doubt you can do that, because that's how Vicki and I did it.

We travelled to Cleveland, Ohio, to see marketing legend Dan Kennedy, we even travelled to Arizona (twice) to spend time with Earl Nightingale's widow, Diana, who became a dear friend. We spent a huge amount on seminars, mastermind groups and courses and you can do this also, but it's a real test of your sanity. You see, I have Vicki to keep me sane, a fully qualified executive coach at my side day and night. She stops me heading off into uncharted waters and getting sucked into the ton of bullshit out there.

The big problem is that it all takes time and is very expensive.

To get good at being an accountant and to look after your clients the best way you know how can be an intense task all on it's own. But, to build a well established, sustainable, profitable practice that allows you the freedom to work when you want, takes additional time input over and above the day job.

It is said that it takes 10,000 hours to become an expert at something. Think about that, probably one of the reasons you are a sole practitioner now is because you've put the time in and done enough to be confident to go it alone. You feel you are an expert and you've probably done least 10,000 hours to get there, right?

Vicki and I have put in the hours, weeks, months and years of working consistently at figuring out how to make the practice run really effectively, and that's over and above the "day job". I know without doubt we've both exceeded 10,000 hours on this stuff!

So, instead of having to go through all the hassle yourself, you can have it all on a plate by investing in my:

 Accounting Intelligence System

I will share with you the simple way to run a profitable, stress free sustainable accounting practice, with or without staff. (Note: I said simple, not easy.  It takes a lot of work and a considerable amount of attitude adjustment on your behalf. Frankly, not everyone's cut out for it.)

I'll share real stories of some of the difficult times I went through, and show you the mistakes I made so you don't have to. And, of course, I'll share with you the technology I use together with the fundamental underlying principles that allow me to continue to enjoy what I have built.

All you have to do is click the button below and follow the simple on screen instructions.