What the top 1% of accounting sole practitioners

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clients and YOU don't

(and why YOU struggle to attract the clients

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​​​​​Dear agonised sole practitioner,

You figured being your own boss was a real advantage, and you worked out you'd be better off all round...

...but, you didn't bargain for the adrenaline fuelled stress, the late nights, the worry and the constant demands and, sometimes, the unfair grief some clients give you that comes with running your own practice.

If you are running your own accounting practice and struggling to make the fees you know your are worth and you've realised you have just saddled yourself with just another job...

...then you are in the right place, because I have some great news for you:

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I really understand why you do what you do!

I mean, it's great that you are your own boss: you can run it your way, you get a real buzz from helping your clients, knowing you contributed, and you get to keep all the profits. But, while that sounds great on paper, you know that's not how it works in real life, right?

Because, in reality it's all about those late nights, the long hours, the stress from deadlines and the constant stream of demands some of your clients place on you, you know, the ones who never let you have their records until close to the deadline, the ones who constantly complain about your fees and are always looking for the cheapest option and, of course, the sheer lack of gratitude and respect some display. It all adds more pressure on you.

For sure, you want to help them, but just sometimes they need to back off, right?

In a moment, I'm going to show you it doesn't have to be this way.

You're a well-trained accountant with good disciplines and you work hard. You know what you've got to do, you know the best solutions for your client and you know you can deliver real value to them.

Then, why are you struggling?

Why is it your days get faster and faster, longer and longer and why is it you end up working evenings and weekends to get the job done, sacrificing quality time with your family and loved ones?

And where's the money?

Why aren't you really profitable, taking lots of holiday time and enjoying the trappings of success?

Is it because...

...you come up with all sorts of excuses like:

"It's quiet in the evenings, I don't get disturbed and surely you have to work hard and put in the long hours. Doesn't everyone?"

Or, are you making excuses about what you charge? 

"My client's won't pay any more, and if I charge more I'll lose clients to my competitors. I want to be fair and offer my clients good value!"

But here's the reason you are struggling and...

...it's not your fault

I'm sure you are a great accountant, well trained, caring, and you provide an excellent service but no one shows you how to run a great accountancy business and although you deal with businesses everyday, you don't necessarily deal with the business side of things, you often just deal with the numbers.

A harsh truth, but one you know is true.

The problem you face is you are doing what every accountant does, because that is what accountants do, and you learn how to run an accountancy business by watching how other accountants run their business. Yet, this is why everyone is struggling, everyone is following everyone else making the same mistakes.

But, there is a much better way, and I share it with you in my free video. It will only take you 6 minutes to watch it....

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