Why I’m doing this?

After 28 years running my own practice Prime Entry, I want a new challenge and I've decide to share all my secrets on how I run a successful practice today.

I still run my practice, part-time 3 days week and I'm planning on doing less work, but here's the twist, it maybe less work, but it will be more profitable...

...how am doing this?

Technology, systems and processes, a good attitude and a real understanding of what clients really want and it isn't what you might think!

I'm posting blogs posts ever day if I can and if you'd like to hang around and keep informed of what's going on, connect with me on ye ol' social media or better still go gran some free instant help right now and join my email list...

Kev Whitehouse

I live in Dorset with the gorgeous Vicki, we've got 4 grown own children, a dog called Eddie and a stupid cat!. I'm an accountant just like you and have built a practice that has no UK staff, no office and never runs to other people deadlines or their stresses. My practice provides us with a full-time income on part-time input leaving me time to pursue other interests, one of which is I want to help Sole Practitioners just starting out avoid the pain and suffering I went through when I first started prime entry.