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3 Deadly problems that are sweeping through

 our industry, destroying good

 people like


  • You're running around chasing your tail too busy working "in the business" to stop, draw breath, and work ON it.  You're working hard, coping with the impact of COVID, you're delivering great quality and service... but you're run ragged by the demands of clients.. It seems like everyone wants a piece of you... and they want it Right NOW!
  • Some of your clients are just hard work to please. You find yourself dealing with price-resistant, awkward, and impossible-to-please dimwits who are slow to pay, pay only grudgingly, and only if you can get them to pay at all (don't do this... you don't have to and shouldn't work with anyone you don't want to).
  • You once dreamt of being your own boss, free to work when you want and have enough money to live a great life and make a decent profit.  Instead, you spend too much time responding to never ending emails and urgent demands, working late nights and weekends and it’s putting pressure on your family and relationships.  On top of that you find yourself offering painful, gouging discounts to your clients right at the last minute because you fear losing the fee altogether (you don't have to do this, either).

Bad news and good news...

The bad news is it's NOT going to change all by itself.

     Meaning... if you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what you've always gotten.

     It's madness to think that somehow doing the same thing will give you different and better results. 

     Obvious, and true - Ouch!

The good news is since your results depend on your behaviour, and you can change your behaviour any time you choose, and thus change your results.

No, you can't change your situation and circumstances overnight, but you can change your direction in a heartbeat.

Bottom line... if you’re happy with the clients you get and the profits you make, then do nothing…

... and nothing will change.

Your life, your business, and so it's your choice what you do with them both.

But if you’re not so happy... and you want things to change...

... then you must understand change has to begin with you.

And if you do want to change, there are two ways you can do it.

You can either…

try to work it all out for yourself (but it’ll take you a long time and entail stumbling into a ton of pitfalls, dead-ends, and blind alleys);

or you can accept my help and I’ll share with you the simple way to do it.

Note: I said simple and not easy. It takes a lot of work and a considerable amount of change towards your thinking on your part, and, frankly, not everyone’s cut out for it.

But, hey… it won’t do itself and whatever you’re doing right now how’s that working for you?.

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