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Author of "Money Talks - So Why Aren’t You Listening" and creator of the unique "Accounting Intelligence System" for accounting sole practitioners
6 Simple Steps To Helping You Get Higher Fee Paying Clients and it Starts with YOUR First Conversation...

My Simple Philosophy




I'll show you how to INVITE the right type of clients into your practice,  DELIVER the service they really want and not just what they need, and KEEP them as clients for years and years and years.
You will have all the tools necessary to create a highly profitable and leverageable accounting practice, the business you dream of and deserve. 
All our material is designed to help you with those three elements, using cutting-edge proprietary strategies and tools.

3 Big Mistakes Most Are Making


You Ain’t Profitable Enough

You are helping clients run better businesses, and helping them achieve their goals and dreams, right?
Then you’d better be doing the same…

How you allow others to see you

It’s not how you dress or the colour of your hair, but the message you put out about the sort of person you are.
Are you the hired help or the respected authoritative figure?

How You See Yourself

How you see yourself is a critical part of being a respected accountant.  
Confidence and attitude is everything, clients want you to lead.

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Become an Intelligent Accountant

Increase your income, work when and where you want, deliver remarkable results for your highly compliant and great clients...

Love what you deliver and live an exciting, happy life.

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